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Current Edition

December  2017

Volume 3 Issue 1


Research Article

Pain, Anxiety and Depression in Spinal Cord Injured Patients

Peter Flank* RPT, PhD, Anna Ramnemark, MD, PhD, Richard Levi MD, PhD, Kerstin Wahman RPT, PhD, Martin Fahlström MD, PhD

Persons with spinal cord injury (SCI) now live longer than ever before, due to significantly improved acute care, primary comprehensive rehabilitation, as well as life-long structured check-up. Secondary complications remain a clinical challenge, and in some respect even an increasing challenge. In addition to classic SCI complications, such as urinary tract infections and pressure ulcers, concern is directed towards cardiovascular risk and also towards “invisible” problems such as depression, anxiety and pain.

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Comparative Investigational Study

Influence of a Custom-made Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthosis with a Reciprocant Ankle Joint System called Neuroswing on Walking Spatio-Temporal Parameters in Patients affected by a Neurological Gait Schema: A Comparative Investigational Study

Maurizio Falso*, Md, Eleonora Cattaneo Psy, Marco Zucchini Orth, Franco Zucchini Orth

Orthoses need to support physiotherapy as well as surgical treatment. Related to patient’s pathological gait, physician’s requirements and the rehabilitative goals, orthotists must produce an orthoses that using an adjustable ankle joint system with preloaded disc springs can store the energy brought in by the body weight and produce a tuning effect on patient’s gait and sense of balance. Many studies established the functional value of common and well-known ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) by developing pathological gait.

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