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April 2016

Volume 2 Issue 2

Short Communication

Suggesting a Synergy between Self-Determination Theory and Person-Centred Care

Karin Weman Josefsson*

There seems to be interesting commonalities between self-determination theory (SDT) and person-centred care (PCC), especially when considering their respective value systems and foundations for practice. Both perspectives are based on the fundamental view of human beings as active and capable persons who will thrive if the social environment facilitates certain essential conditions. This short communication paper addresses potential synergy effects in combining these two perspectives in order to improve future applications and assessments of person-centred care. Opportunities for theoretical guidance, concept and measurement adoption along with practical implications are briefly discussed.

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Review Article 

Ergospirometry and Respiratory Pathology

Galindo Canales, M, Francisco Javier Calderon Montero*

Ergospirometry is a diagnostic procedure that provides insight into the body’s response to dynamic stress in such a way that it is used routinely in stress-test laboratories, mainly due to technological developments that have made it easier to analyze the data recorded. The importance of this diagnostic test is reflected in the number of references found in PubMed by merely searching the words “gas exchange and exercise”: 383 results, and 115 results when the phrase “Pulmonary diseases” is added. Likewise, numerous publications exist that address ergospirometry from other perspectives.


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